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IndGlobal is a leading brand name in website development for quite sometime now. We have immense knowledge and experience in website development on e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites and we handle SEO, Graphic designing, ECOMMERCE, Mobile a

E-commerce website Design Company in Nepal



E-commerce has risen as the most vital tool for any business in recent years and if your business is located in Nepal than be certain that for your company e-commerce is like the air for its survival, hence if you are looking for an e-commerce website design company in Nepal than this article can be your savior.
E-Commerce is the abbreviation used for the Electronic Commerce which is basically an exchange of the information between businesses using Electronic Data Interchange methodology (EDI) as well as technologies related to the Internet in place of using paper-based methods. The most prominent feature of the internet that has risen in recent years is none other than E-Commerce. The process of conducting businesses through the internet using various networks in termed as e-commerce. There are many things that can be accomplished through e-commerce, such as, downloading and selling of software, business-to-business, abbreviated as B2B transactions, online stocks, documents, music, graphics and much more.
The pattern of business across the globe has revolutionized because of digital communication. The biggest benefit of E-Commerce is that you can do your business globally without even opening a single brick and mortar building. It helps the end users as well in understanding the services offered by an organization and the paperless, timeless and on demand, transaction helps both service providers and end users.
In common terms, if explained, e-commerce is nothing but using the Internet to do business in faster and better way, so that one can communicate with a company’s computer system without any intervention of human’s. E-commerce is all about providing some limited access to computer systems to your customers so that they can surf based on their demands.
E-commerce is the biggest accomplishments of the internet as it has created a whole marketplace in the virtual world making buying and selling of goods and services easier. In fact, today e-commerce is ranked as the hugest industry compared to all. Let’s take a quick look at all the benefits of offered by e-commerce:
  • Paperless industry means low cost as no amount wasted in pens, inks, papers and other stationeries.
  • Retrieval of data is much easier and faster.
  • Faster retrieval of data means better management system.
  • Better management within a single organization because of a single central database as well as across different organizations since the exchange of data and transactions from supplier to customer is much smoother.
  • Since it covers more customers across the globe, hence the business strategies work in a much better way.
  • With the option of adding multiple images, various product categories along with advanced category option like size, version, color, etc. adding unlimited products become easier.
  • Stock control system- a boon: The built-in control systems for stock gives the option of adding levels for each product, son that keeping track of stocking becomes extremely easy Etc.
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By now you would be certain that e-commerce is the oxygen for any company. We at IndGlobal have teams of well experienced and highly skilled developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEO experts who will fight with Blood and Sweat to make your company a success and provide all solutions and support needed by your company to emerge as a trademark in the e-commerce industry.

Website Design Company in Nepal



Past decades have witnessed a complete revolution in the field of learning as well as business; in fact, there are no aspects of life left unaffected by this revolution. The name of this revolution is digitalization and the credit for this revolution goes to the internet. With the introduction of internet and being reachable to every individual has played a pivoting role in changing the face of businesses. Without spending a huge lump of money you can easily make your company turn global and the easiest way to do so is by taking your business online. 
The easiest approach of taking one’s business online is by creating a website so that everyone can reach all parts of the globe and especially if you are staying in a country like Nepal which is still ranked as underdeveloped country, though many website Design Company in Nepal is starting to peek their heads, but remember that online business will work as a pivotal point in your success. The biggest benefit of having a website for the business is that it no longer will be a local shop accessible only by the local crowd; in fact, you can take your business to other countries as well without actually being there.
Here we present six reasons to explain the importance of owning a website and how it can enhance your business:
Cost Effective: It’s an easy guess to make that creating a website won’t create much of a big hole in your pocket compared to building a brick and mortar store at every desired location. As well there is no hassle associated with a website like damage, theft, leaving the lights on etc. which automatically comes with a mortar and brick building.
Easy to access 24/7: The social media accounts and website are accessible 24/7. If you are still asking that what is the benefit of it being available round the clock, then let’s take an example: Suppose, since morning you are planning on going to a store but by the time you reach, it has already closed down. Now what? Even though it was your fault as you didn’t check the timing of the store but just because of one bad taste you will avoid going over there and will find another store which is easily accessible. The same can happen with your business as well. So, now you can understand how having a website can come in handy for your sales.
Convenience: Now let’s ask ourselves that what is more convenient; going out in the scorching sun to get a particular service or sitting in the comfort of your house. Obviously, the latter will be your answer. So, this is the type of comfort you provide your customers if your business is available online.
Reliable: We live in a digital world and it’s a true fact that 99% of people check the internet to get any sort of information, testimonials, and facts. And if they fail in finding any information, that creates a negative impact on the client.
Sales: it is important for the progress of any company to sell the products and services at a rate higher than normal frequency. Making your business online gives the customers to reach and buy your products anytime.
Marketing: Marketing and advertising an online business is much easier and more effective.
Still thinking, HOW??


Allow us to help! We, at IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions, provide you a complete solution. Whether it is creating a website from scratch, hosting your website or upgrading your website, we provide a complete solution. The solutions to all your problems are at one place. Contact IndGlobal today itself; we are a website designing company in Nepal.
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Ecommerce Web Design in Bangalore



INDGLOBAL is an Ecommerce development company that offers magento service development services at profitable prices. All the important services that a business should offer should be clearly applicable on the website, so visitors should feel easier and stay on the website longer. People who do e-commerce business are always trying to find solutions that can increase their business expansion, Magento has proven to be the best solution with many online business solutions. We are able in Magento development, Ecommerce store development, shopping cart design, custom landing page design, photo editing along with special effects and other online services. We are excited to have the best team of Magento developers and designers who do their job quickly. Magento is ideal for any trader you are looking to start selling online to convert a current e-commerce platform like OS Commerce. 
Magento open source web application also makes constitutive SEO to increase rankings in search engines along with Ecommerce services such as web design. We help you design multiple stores with different designs, features and languages with a single installation. Its strength to modify the rapid development of user needs and grasp the idea of a multi-channel trade makes the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world. We can help you achieve your business goals by using the Magento platform, ensuring the most up-to-date functionality of Magento, magento extensions and custom magento modules to manage your exact needs. Magento also has a brilliant design that can make any website convert to more leads and / or sales. We offer custom magento themes for any type of business and a full range of Magento shopping cart solutions. We follow an efficient technique for development and the best teamwork. Designing the pages of an e-commerce website is very crucial for the development of a standard web page.
Magento has a lot of documents in the pocket of some very large players E-solution. We are of our best in designing Magento templates that will be as functional and powerful as the Magento software itself. Accessibility is essential, the more people get closer to your site, the greater the likelihood of you making sales. It is worth noting that the development of e-commerce websites is a long process that takes time to complete. As part of developing e-commerce websites, a successful website should be easy to navigate requiring a well-constructed architecture.
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Mobile Application Development Company In Bangalore



Indglobal is a fast growing Mobile application development company in Bangalore, We aim to design, develop and plan to enthusiastically seek drainage, cutting-edge perfectionism of mobile applications. We at Indglobal offer a full range of Android application development services to enhance your business and help you stay competitive in this technology-driven global design. Our mobile application development services cater to all business owners with mobile needs. We have gained extensive experience and experience in building high-performance native mobile applications filled with articles for all leading mobile platforms along with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We are qualified with flexible, agile and cost-effective mobile application development solutions that enable you to prepare and brutalize business processes on any mobile platform as you wish. If you are looking for a mini mobile version of your website, we can help you. 
Our goal is to put your brand on the phones of your customers, to provide your message strikes your impression, Our business mobility solutions are furnished with rich experience of various industries such as; Health, media, travel, finance, entertainment, automobile, retail and many more. We are also providing a front-end advice, and a back-end maintenance and support. If you have a local business and are attentive when examining the mobile application, you can be distracted by the different options available. Do not worry, let's keep it quiet and straight to the point and break the diversity between a website for mobile andmobile applications how they can use your business. We also offer rational support to the development of your application with our detailed QA / Testing
Mobile application development services including;
powerful strategy for mobile applications
Business growth design
Development of native and hybrid applications
Sensitive Web Development
API Integration
Mobile Guard


Application Marketing for Mobile Devices

Website design company in SriLanka



Indglobal, a leading website design company in SriLanka, We offers top-quality professional best web designs and web programming services at globally affordable prices. Being a design company that is professional and state-of-the-art, we strongly understand in strategic planning and always make sure that all our designs are kept up-to-date and well customized to suit your market sector and client base appropriately. Our team of highly experienced and talented designers deliver designs that are user friendly, meet international standards and most importantly, make a significant contribution to the bottom line of every client. Apart from the designing part, we also undertake domain registration and web hosting along with the other extra services such as SEO services, Logo Designs, E-marketing, etc. 
We have one of the best web design team in SriLanka to design globally appealing and current technology web sites. Our vast experience in designing websites implement us to capture the needs of our customers and present it in a highly captivating graphical layout. We pay a very high attention to each individual requirement as we understand the impotence of the uniqueness of every client and every project. Once your requirement is revealed to us, our team is there at your door step to make it real by utilizing latest web designing technologies.Our services are comparable to the top notch web service providing companies but our charge is relatively very low which has made us a formidable player in the industry. As one of the best web development companies in SriLanka as we provide top-notch web design services. We strongly recommend you choose a responsive mobile website or a responsive mobile application for your website in order to meet changing customer needs, rival the competition and to show that your company is up to date with the latest trends and state of the art technology. 
We offer the best possible cost effective solution without compromising the quality. Our highly talented professional team with vast knowledge on modern web based technology is our key strength and always ready to cater customer essential by designing eye-catching websites to your organization or business. It is not just a website with impressive look but also create an powerful online presence that can represent the best image of your business on the internet. From creative design which reflects your brand, to great functionality which means that your website will really work for its audiences, we can use our range of web design services to build your company’s online presence in a uniquely Creations Arena way. Your website needs to be creatively and intelligently designed to stay reliable with your brand and represent your business in a professional way because your website is (24*7) communicator for your business. The end product of our venture will always outstrip your expectations and you will be thrilled to see your customized and unique website, the best you could ever wish for your company. To be able to creatively recognize, package and present this uniqueness to its explicit target audience, is the essence of a successful online brand strategy.
Contact us :
Indglobal Consultancy Solution
1st Floor, No. 60 and 61 Dr. Rajkumar Road
prakashnagar Bangalore -560021 9741117750, 9164851110
US- +1 7602840200


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Mobile apps Development in Bangalore



Indglobal a professional Mobile app development experts in Bangalore to provide our clients with the most technically sound and creatively brilliant Apps for the various Mobile Application Development platforms including Android based Applications, Windows Apps, J2ME based Mobile Applications, BlackBerry Applications and iPhone Mobile Applications. We help businesses leverage the mobile to go to market, boost brands, reach vast audience and transform business growth. Our team can create smart mobile applications that you can help you take your business further. We only handle select projects at a time to give the attention your app desire to make it a success. Mobile development being the booming sector of the IT industry, we follow an approach to make our mark in the industry with our quality services. Our Mobility consultants consider Mobile Application as an integral part of your business growth strategy and design the application which will give potential to your business utilizing the vast potential of digital media world. 
Indglobal helps companies succeed in our increasingly digital world. We being a Bangalore based android application development team is of expert professionals and passionate youngsters, equipped with latest technologies and expert guidance to build successful products through strategic design and innovative strategy. We work to understand and translate user requirements into solutions that meet business and objectives. We want to provide you with the app you can depend on for reaching millions of mobile users. Our solutions in all the major Smartphones and hand-held devices are extremely high standards. Our work includes design and development of ,e-commerce mobile applications, community sites, as well as web applications, intranets and brand communication platforms. 
We have programmers and development teams capable of developing platforms such as Apple iOS for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows. We ensure that our clients receive the very best of the applications, giving them the advantage of most efficient engineering process, product efficiency, delivery and a regular service and support. Our competency lies in transforming your existing mobile applications to new platforms, creating apps that integrate with existing solutions and much more. With an absolute focus on performance, usability, aesthetics and security, we help you build mobile applications which are blazing fast, cutting-edge and user-friendly. We focus on delivering the best mobile app solution to meet the challenges of competitive online business today.
Contact us :
Indglobal Consultancy Solution
1st Floor, No. 60 and 61 Dr. Rajkumar Road
prakashnagar Bangalore -560021 9741117750, 9164851110
US- +1 7602840200


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Digital marketing company in Guwahati


Indglobal a professional Digital marketing company in Guwahati, we provide end-to-end internet marketing services which help increase the engagement and conversion rates for your business. We are both a full-service digital marketing company with full firm services, as well as an information resource for effective do-it-yourself Web marketing strategies and plans. Our digital and social media marketing services can excite your business objectives at a larger phase. SEO is an ethical method of marketing your website within the rules defined in the internet market. We have the requisite expertise and team of talented digital marketing experts, who leave no stone unturned to deliver high-quality services catering to your specific needs. 
We at Indgloal are a bunch of creative and inquisitive professionals with an in depth understanding of digital marketing. we implement Search Engine Optimization best practices on your website, making it more user-friendly and search engine friendly. As a reputed digital marketing company in Guwahati, We have successfully executed integrated digital marketing programs across diverse sectors such as E-commerce, Retail, Real Estate, Automobiles, Industries etc.. Being a quality conscious digital and social media marketing firm, we offer Digital and Social Media Marketing services, personal branding solutions, search engine marketing and more. Our Best Digital marketing company in Guwahati help you in developing a highly effective Digital marketing strategy that can help you gain rank and strength, locally and globally!We at Indglobal are a team of experts who provide professional SEO analysis. 
With the extensive exposure we have gathered over a protect of working in different industries and for clients across the globe, our solutions could play a significant role in enhancing the goals of your web presence. Our skilled SEO specialists provide clients with pure optimization techniques, which ensure we are on the leading edge of search engine strategies. We ensure that our quality services are best fit for any company round the world and we target on business, target audience and services first and then come up with the best SEO campaign in the current scenario.
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