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IndGlobal is a leading brand name in website development for quite sometime now. We have immense knowledge and experience in website development on e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites and we handle SEO, Graphic designing, ECOMMERCE, Mobile a

Mobile app development in UAE



When it comes to mobile apps, people, especially owners of small companies or start-ups have formed and been living a myth that these mobile apps are needed and plays a crucial role just for the bigger companies, such as Walmart, and Airtel, etc. It is high time that we should break these myths and realize the importance of owning a mobile app specifically designed for your business. It is time to remove the blindfolds and see where the world is trending to. Once these blindfolds are gone, you will realize that more and more medium and small sized companies have started following the mobile apps trend and have understood how effective mobile strategies can be compared to mobile-friendly websites.
In fact, there are many small businesses with whom we interact on daily bases, such as the grocery store down the lane or the beauty spa that you love going to, own a mobile app specially designed for their business. You shouldn’t be surprised with their turnover and revenues as these companies are much ahead in the game of marketing and have taken their marketing strategies on an all new next level.
If you are still doubtful with the decision that whether your company needs a mobile app customized just according to its requirements, then allow us to help you in making this decision. Here we present you with top seven benefits that explain the importance of mobile apps and will make the sail smoother and the path to take sooner than later.
Be Visible to your Customers 24/7-
Various statistics have shown that a resident of UAE spends more than three hours per day on their cell phones and mobiles. Though it is acceptable that they must be spending most of their time on just a handful of apps but even for accessing these handfuls of apps, the person needs to unlock the phone and scroll through the list of apps to get to the desired one. So, if your app is lying in the way, then it surely can work for the advantage of your company, as our mind has a habit of unconsciously records every text or images it sees on its way.

Creating a Channel for Direct Marketing Channel-
There exist many functions that an app serves, such as, providing the general information, search features, user accounts, booking forms, news feeds, messengers, etc.
One of the biggest advantages of owning a mobile app is that you can easily provide all information to your customers likely, sales and promotion offer, etc. and for the customers, it will all be just at their fingertips. The push notifications help you in getting closer and forming a direct linking to your customers.
Providing added Value to Customers
Loyalty programs are becoming a rising trend now. Through these loyalty programs, the customers can themselves collect rewards means more downloads of your app and more popularity.


Building Brand Name and Earning Recognition
Mobile apps play a vital role in contribution towards the brand awareness. Let’s see each at a time.
Brand: A mobile app is just like a completely blank billboard that you can use as you wish. You can make it hip, stylish, shocking, informative or functional. But the right thing to do is create apps with the features that all customers will love and simultaneously have a design that can make people’s heart skip a beat with its beauty.
Recognition: The more your customers will be involved with the app the higher will be the chances of purchasing the product or services.


Enhance your Customer Engagement
Irrespective of the type of business you are running, your customers need a way to reach you. Whether it’s a help desk or a messenger can make it really easy for your customers to communicate with you.


Be different and stand out from the rest-
Even after so much of digitalization and advancement, mobile apps are still rare in the community of small businesses. So if you want to take a huge leap over your competitors and want to get completely astonished with the overwhelming response then get your android app today.

But if you are still thinking to get your app from which place then contact IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions providing mobile app development in UAE and you won’t be facing even a single issue as all the problems and requirements would solely and completely be handled by us.
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E-commerce website design in Qatar


In recent years, the way of shopping has changed drastically. Before buying any product or even before talking to any salesperson, buyer’s conduct an extensive research over the internet. Apart from the process of decision-making, buyers are even making direct purchases online and through smartphones, not stepping foot once into the traditional brick-and-mortar locations.
According to various e-Marketers, in last one decade, e-commerce sales have risen from 16.4% to 262.3 billion dollars and by 2020, this rise can be estimated to the level of 440 billion dollars.
A brick and mortar store is just like capturing a piece of the pie, by adapting according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Because of all these reasons, the shoppers are more than happy to do the complete research and then the shopping online itself but as long as the constraints on online shopping are subverted, likely, the cost of shipping, security risks, etc. The main reason for increasing interest in online shopping is the increasing competition and lack of time. Many people don’t like wandering for hours, searching for the thing they need, when they can spend the same time doing something productive, whereas online shopping of doing customized search, saves a lot of our valuable time.
Online shopping is not constrained to the confines of any house but wherever a person has a net connection, whether Wi-Fi of mobile networks, they can make the purchase. On an average, it has been noticed that approximately sixty-five percent of smartphone users in past six months have been using their phones to make an online purchase.
Setting your shop online is much affordable as well as manageable then as compared to setting up a brick-and-mortar place. With multiple vendors and distributors, services included, makes the payment options easier and quicker providing risk-free security along with vast inventory and a wide range of choices.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits offered through Online Shopping
E-commerce increases your reach. Owning an online store no longer limits your customers and profits as the customers are not bound to visit the store physically. Geographical barriers no longer exist for you, as you can sell your products even across the borders without any restrictions.
Online stores are open 24/7, giving shoppers the convenience of shopping according to their comfort and requirement particularly in the cases when retail shops are traditionally not open.
By reducing the calls related to stock availability, timing to operate, etc are a few ways through which e-commerce save up the time of both retailers as well as the shopper.
The biggest benefit offered by e-commerce is the real-time data and analytics that is produced. Through these data and analytics formed in real time environment helps the owner to see the ways through which people interact with the e-commerce website, what are the products that interest most of the people, what has been added and left in the cart and what is the average purchase made. These are some of the valuable metrics that can help the company owner to make adjustments to meet the customer’s requirements.
What are the points to consider while building your e-commerce?
If you have decided to join the league then make sure that you create it by focusing on the user and their experiences. The information and details provided of the product should be clear and presented in a concise manner. This information helps the users in deciding whether they want this product or not as based on this info, they make their decisions since they are not able to touch or feel the product at the time of buying the product.
Understand the importance of reviews and trust seals. Before making a purchase, most of the shoppers check the reviews which highly influence their decision of making the purchase.
The information should be clear as well try to avoid surprises at all possible cost. Shoppers usually ditch their cart if they are visited by additional unexpected shipping costs.
Along with guest checkout, take proper care of security as well. If the user is forced to create a new user account, even if they don’t want to or if they are concerned about the security options then be certain that they will ditch the cart in the middle.


These are some of the ways through which you can enhance your experience and business online. But to get started, if you are looking for an e-commerce designing company in Qatar then IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions is what you are looking for. IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions helps you in all possible ways and provides the complete support and services under a single roof.
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Mobile app development in Bangalore



Indglobal a professional Mobile app development company in Bangalore, who specialize in developing enterprise and idea centric cross platform mobile apps using the latest frameworks like Intel XDK, Cordova Phonegap, Xamarin or Titanium. These days businesses and consumers demand innovative, out-of-the-box mobile applications that are innovative and easy to use. With today's technology advances, the android operating system in combination with system flexibility and high speed connectivity can be used to build advanced mobile applications. Our experienced team of 9 years is more than capable of designing any app you imagine into a fully functional android application. Our mobile app development process constitute not only the design and development of mobile apps development, but also a consultative front-end, and a back-end of maintenance and support. 
Indglobal helps every business owner to achieve their goal in Enterprise Mobility by the way they normally work. Our team of highly skilled and experienced developers take advantage of all Android features to build significant applications from scratch. Indglobal offering its valued clients high quality apps that are customized for you according to need with feature-rich solutions that include technologies such as video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real-time notifications, near field communication, data synchronization across platforms, and more. We are an asset to many IT firms among companies for mobile application development in Bangalore, for optimizing their work across mobile devices. Our engineers structure android apps considering the standards of opted platform and respecting the needs of clients. 
It is little wonder that it is known as the most excellent and high quality Android mobile apps development company in Bangalore, No other mobile apps development company create mobile applications as we do, our apps work seamlessly of an operating system which intern helps you to access updated and real-time data. A highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated mobile app developers at Indglobal are ready to meet your business requirements and ensure successful delivery of the product.
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Mobile app development in Qatar



With the fast moving life where no one has time for anything, Mobile Applications and usage of Cell Phones have risen rapidly and have become a crucial and faddish in each day life. With the advancement of mobile phones and by reaching into the hands of each individual, has brought a complete turn in the world of communication as well as businesses. Mobile phones are no longer a tool which is solely used for calling and messaging purposes. With the introduction of smartphones, people have started using their phones for various purposes, such as for chatting, reading, listening music, social networking, education, fitness, videos, surfing, gaming, etc. with the base still being linked to communicating. Because of all these features, mobile app development has become a big source of jobs as well as revenue generation.
In the present time, smartphones have become a prerequisite for any business to gain success and popularity as well for the marketing purposes. The reason behind this necessitous is that it has proved to be the fastest and most effective way for the growth of a business and for brand promotions. Mobile apps have provided an authentic way to millions of business owners to advertise and expose their products and brands to millions of people across the globe and hence ultimately increase the customer base for a relatively shorter duration and with just a onetime investment, especially when compared to the companies that still rely on traditional methods.
There exist many research reports to prove the importance of Mobile Applications. The first report that brought a stir in the biz world came with the reports of Statista, according to which, by the time we reach the year 2020, the number of mobile apps download will reach to number 300 billion, which presently is almost 2.52 billion. Whereas, the report further says that the business of mobile app development in Qatar will reach 101 billion U.S dollars by the year 2020, from present 41.1 billion U.S. dollars. Similarly, another survey conducted by StatCounter shows that the web visits generated by the mobile web browsers were 47 percent of whole web visits in the year 2016. These statistics speaks for themselves that how fast cell phones has taken over our lives and has emerged as a dire need for both common public and business owners.
The popularity of mobile apps among all age group and miraculous statistics of downloads with the high graph of app revenues have started a race among all entrepreneurs and business owners to get an app customized just for them and hence help them stand-out from the crowd. Especially in a country like Qatar, most business owners outsource the Apps design to various mobile App development companies in Qatar or they will hire some of the developers from these Mobile App development companies in Qatar.
Presently, Google Play Store alone accommodates approximately 2.2 million apps, whereas, Apple holds 2 million apps, as recorded in the month of June 2016.
These statistics in itself, are evident that how important it is for business owners to own an app designed for their companies. The business owners get customized Mobile apps to boost and enhance the customer’s base, as well as for promoting and expanding their biz on the global platform. Mobile Apps have proved to be the best tool when it comes to exposing a brand internationally, as these apps remain visible on the screen of the cell phones. Suppose, if a user is searching for a similar app that of yours then there resides a high probability to stumble over yours and actually notices it. These apps help in building the loyal community of your customers and attract their attention from time to time because of which the revenues of your company keep increasing always. For customers also, these apps work as a boon as they can chat and solve all their queries along with getting properly informed about various sales and promotional offers.
These Smartphone apps have proved their worth in increasing the productivity of an organization by enhancing and developing proper relations between inter-departments through communication, cooperation, and synergy.


So, if you are also looking for a mobile app development company in Qatar then stop now and take a deep breath of relief as you can hand over all your worries to us. We, at IndGlobal, will take care of all your requirements by providing you with the dream app designed specifically for your company, an app that you always dreamt of.
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Website design in Bangalore



Indglobal a group of dedicated professional website design company in Bangalore, who offer full range of creative services, from design to development, multimedia, e-commerce, SEO. We use modern technologies, integrated strategies and professional designing methods that produce User-Friendly Website Solutions. Our team is capable at using cutting-edge technologies to customize everything from the look and feel of front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution. We have been serving with creativity and effectiveness since 2003. We regularly developing as a technological superpower from last few decades and this trend is reflected in mushrooming of good quality website design companies in Bangalore over the years. 
Our team can also help you to optimize your responsive website and thereby get you maximum visitors who may be using various devices and browsers. In the design of the Responsive website, the idea is based on the developing the visual demand and design layout of the content. We focuses on meeting the demands and needs of their clients that they serve and as a process, they have grown to become a strong and creative company in the field of website development service. Most of the clients in this web designing filed looking for to design their web sites because we design with experts and gives you a professional looking web site that give you 100% satisfaction. It helps in improving the user based interaction of the websites with the users. 
Our website design in Bangalore is backed up with a team of skilled designers and full stack developers who build responsive websites for startups, small enterprises, and large corporations for clients located in India and all over the world. Moreover, when the website is made to be more responsive the user's engagement with the website tends to become stronger and it provides the user with an easier user experience. You need a developer that is efficient, prepared to meet even the highest of demands and sympathetic and caring of your needs and your own vision for your website.
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E-commerce Design Company in Dubai



Have you finally made the plan to take your business online and sell your product and services globally?
This phase is considered to be the toughest. Why? Because in today’s time, where you can find duplicity in every sector this field holds no exception. It becomes really difficult to find a designer who actually understands your requirements or to find a perfect theme. All these searching eats up most of our precious time, and in this competitive world, we rarely have any time to waste. Finding a company that can fulfill all your requirements is like finding a needle in a stack of hay, especially if you are starting in this field as a fresher. Without having a solid grasp, which holds the utmost importance, establishing a store will only make you feel as if you are searching for something that only “looks good,” but in reality is a castle build on the grounds of sand that can get demolished with a single wind of struggle.
In order to understand what is important and what is useless when it comes to designing a store online. This will give you a proper grasp on what “only looks good” and what works as a charm.
Let’s take a glance some of the important features stored in the Pandora’s Box of IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions because when it comes to business no stone should be left unturned.
The navigation is laid out so that if grandmas can understand it.
Responsive websites to be compatible with all devices and all screen sizes.
Faster loading time of each page so that your surfers never get bored and feel compelled to turn into a customer.
Beautiful and clear images to make your website extremely attractive.
Finally, a magic tip that works as the master key to the majority of the businesses. We accept that this store is yours and you can design it as you want but remember that it is not always about you. Hence, make sure to include your customer’s expectations as well while designing your e-store. So, choose a design that not only matches the industry your e-store belong to but a design that takes care of your customer’s interest equally because a design that only focuses on only one of the requirements will surely affect you adversely in the long run.
For example, if your business is associated with high-end fashionable accessories then make sure to get a design that depicts style and elegance. But this same design won’t work for those who are selling athletic sneakers, as it would completely look out of place making you compelled to redesign your complete.
What makes an e-commerce website stand out?
Good products, obviously! But, what else?
We all surf and during that time we stumble over many e-commerce websites. What has stopped most of these e-commerce websites to gain the popularity and create a milestone with their work even though they have kept their e-commerce site as interesting as possible? These interesting e-commerce sites though attractive to look at, usually ignore their designs and page disposition. Always remember that the design of a website in the virtual world represents the ambiance, quality, and atmosphere of the company.

Online store, yes! But again, WHAT ELSE?
Remember the time when traditional stores were the only king of the market. Now let’s imagine a scenario that you own a traditional market and your salesperson while at the job is not properly dressed or the products are all mixed-up in the windows to showcase. Will it produce any positive impact on your prospective customers? No. Similar is the scenario with the online stores. Hence, while planning the design of the website remember what effects it will bring to your company.
So, if you are also looking for an e-commerce designing company in Dubai then contact IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions, which is India based Start-up Company and has now started providing its services in Dubai as well after making a prestigious name and accomplished status in India.
For More details visit: E-commerce Design Company in Dubai

E-commerce website design in USA


Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce, though may appear to be a complex term for others but if explained in plain terms then it’s nothing but a mode of business trade using the Internet. E-commerce though has existed since the mid-90s has been gained true recognition until recent by grabbing the attention of new entrepreneurs and consumers both on local as well as international grounds. The true reason for electronic commerce to rise high so quickly became possible because of some well-known companies present online, such as Flipkart, eBay, Dell, Amazon, etc. The sales revenue presented by these companies in their yearly reports speaks for itself and has worked like a charm for E-commerce businesses, making it the biggest commercial market platform.
E-commerce has truly proved its tenor in the saying of time is the essence. In the bartering merchandise, time works as the key factor for both consumer and seller. If seen from the point of view of a business, the less time to be spent in completing a transaction, the number of transactions can be done in a single day. Meanwhile, from the perspective of a consumer, the less time spent on completing a transaction, the earlier they would be done with it, means more time saved. Now, this is the point where e-commerce comes into the frame. With e-commerce, the traditional transaction method that used up most of the time of both seller and consumer got replaced by the transaction method of e-commerce. Now the just a few clicks and that too by spending a maximum of a minute or two, both seller and consumer get done with the whole transaction process which traditionally used to take up to a few hours standing in the queue waiting for their turns to come. E-commerce has proved its credibility and importance from time to time and apart from all these the additional gift that e-commerce brings with itself is the greater efficiency in getting done with the whole documentation process that too immediately.
If seen from the viewpoint of any business, E-commerce is much more worthwhile when compared to various available traditional commerce methods. The biggest reason for E-commerce to be more profitable than compared to the traditional commerce is because it does not include the involvement of any third party, which saves the cost that can be diverted to other aspects of the business. Aside from this, putting up advertisements on the internet is much cheaper than compared to putting up pamphlets and banners on the roadside or filming a commercial on television. For E-commerce, the total overheads required to run a biz is much lesser and hence becomes more profitable for both consumer and seller. As well, it provides better connectivity between seller and buyer.
With each passing day more and more e-commerce websites are surging the internet and it has really good reasons to afloat. Internet shopping ha not only gained popularity but it has proved to be really secure and safe along with being fun. Long gone are the days when people used to get wary in giving details of their credit card online. More and more people are realizing the convenience online shopping holds especially for people living in rural areas and for goods and services are not easily available.
Usually, the best idea to build your e-commerce website is to get it done by some professional. Here are a few reasons to explain that why getting your e-commerce website designed by a professionally trained company such as IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions is beneficial, rather than getting it done by any random company. For starters, you can meet the developer who will be designing your e-commerce website, as in random companies it’s not possible but in IndGlobal you can be in direct contact with your designer as well as developer. As well you will get your website professionally designed without any flaws.

Since online shopping is growing exponentially so it seems to be a wise idea to build your own e-commerce website. And for that, you can contact IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions, an India-based start-up which has started setting it's marked in the USA as well.
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