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Indglobal Website design

IndGlobal is a leading brand name in website development for quite sometime now. We have immense knowledge and experience in website development on e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites and we handle SEO, Graphic designing, ECOMMERCE, Mobile a

Ecommerce web design company in India



Indglobal have efficient Ecommerce web design company in India that can design your website either from the scratch or customize the already existing site to lead more customers and to increase your business. E-commerce web design and development is a online store, where customers get to know about the products and services provided by the company. This makes it flexible and faster for the end-users. Indglobal designs the website keeping in mind the demands of the customers and needs of the clients. Indglobal goes through all the information available online and then decides for an E-commerce web design. We not only research for your site, but also your competitors site to know the level of competition.

In recent times, E-commerce has become the most important feature on Internet. With the help of E-commerce, one can grow business globally. E-commerce involves conducting business via Internet that links the computers forming a network. This is a way where the consumers can communicate about their demands with the company’s computer systems without any human intervention.
Indglobal have the knowledge of all the technologies and methodologies used for the development of the web in such a way that we can handle the complexity of any business in the industry. Every business would want their work to be known among all the customers and e-commerce is the best way to get you business on top. E-commerce is beneficial for the companies in many ways. Few of them are:
  • It has no paper work involved, hence reducing the production cost.
  • It is faster and the best information system.
  • It makes the management better within the organization.
  • It uses better business strategies regionally and globally making it accessible worldwide to the end-users.
  • It gives the customers the detailed information about unlimited products and services.
  • It helps you store all the customer details.


We all know that first impression is the last impression, so the web design of a company really does matter. Indglobal designs a web that attracts the customers. To have a strong foundation for your business, you need to have the best e-commerce web design which is innovative and is out of the box when compared to that of your competitors. We design in a way that enhances your brand and also your digital presence and see to it that the customers are engaged. Customers want a site where their demands are fulfilled and which makes it easy for them to understand all the other information about products given in the site. We design the site to turn your visitors to customers. Indglobal builds the site that looks beautiful and also that makes it easy to handle in any device as most of the people prefer browsing on their smart phone than laptops. We prioritize on the shopping experience of the end-users. Indglobal provides various online amenities to the customers such as different mode of payments, extra information on the products, additional images of the products, etc.


Indglobal have professional web developers who have enough knowledge and experience in Magento, OpenCart and PrestaSHOP. 
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Mobile app development company in bangalore



Indglobal is a mobile application development company in Bangalore. Our mobile application developers are able to provide an absolute range of services, we offer mobile application development and mobile game development services for all mobile devices. Indglobal has been the respect as the best mobile application development company in basic services that combine mobile instructional strategy, in which we work with our clients in determining how mobility can convey their key business objectives. Our company has developed several applications for iPhone, Android and Windows platforms. We develop mobile technologies and service mobile application development services around the world. The world is moving from web solutions to mobility solutions, which explain that they are much faster for the power of mobile devices. As one of the leading mobile application development companies in Bangalore. 
We are working with our customers to create robust and award-winning mobile and web solutions for Android, iOS and more. Our mobile application development company in Bangalore may be the best choice for developing your applications that are backed by adaptable Android, iOS and Windows devices. We target the needs of mobile applications and how it will fit today's businesses. Even if one has a succinct business concept of a mobile application, Indglobal will deliver an extensive solution that will fit their separate businesses. Every customer is different, every project we face is different, our tailor made process welcomes our customers and helps us deliver a product without a surprise at the end. We identify a competitive point of view, standard device and establish a clear direction against the success of enterprise mobility.

Video marketing company in Bangalore



It is no longer a secret that the usage of video in the fields of content marketing has been on a constant rise and it certainly is not a tactic that should be ignored or taken lightly. In fact, YouTube has emerged as the second largest search engine after Google and even though video marketing has always been on the pavilion but if the truth is told then it deserves the front seat in the plan of content marketing.
Here we present a few reasons to prove that video marketing is the star player in the game of content marketing.
Improved SEO:
First of all, including videos into the efforts of content marketing will undoubtedly improve the overall performance of SEO. According to a famous magazine, if a video is included on the website then the chance of appearing on that website on the front page of Google search results gets enhanced by 53 times.
Stronger Consumer Attention:
Videos have proven their worth in demanding for the complete attention of the consumers compared to any other mediums. And even though in midst of all these if some call it a content-overload for consumers, but the key always lies with capturing attention. Because if you plan to grow your attention economy then you will have to steal it from the others.
Higher Engagement:
We all have heard that visual content are highly engaging and when it comes to videos, it holds no exception. So, if you are thinking to plan out your next week's social networking uploads then this time consider videos in your list and see the outburst of responses as video audiences are approximately ten times more than other audiences who enthusiastically engage, comment, embed, and share.
More Video-favoring Technologies:
The consumption of videos has increased rapidly because of which more technologies are focusing towards the favoring of the video marketing. From the biggest platform of Facebook and Twitter, it is clearly evident that videos in one's news feed demand more attention than the normal status or link updates.
Greater Optimization Opportunities:
The optimization opportunities offered by videos are much user-friendly than that compared with the text-based contents. The biggest reason behind these is the fact that videos in itself include loops through which you can easily determine the number of times those videos were replayed, shared or watched.
Higher Retention Rates
On an average, approximately 65% of viewers watch more than half of the but it can never be said the same for the text-based content. So if you are planning on spreading a message then guess who can help you better? Of course, it is the video mode who can be your damsel in demise.
Better Email Click-Throughs
If you have been slaving over the same old email and still not getting the desirable results than for once try experimenting by including videos in the emails and truly you will be astounded by the results.
This is it. With these seven reasons speaks for themselves that ignoring video marketing is no longer an option for any business. Video marketing has earned its true respectable position in the society of digital marketing, so it's high time that it should get its fair share without any discrimination. 
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Email Marketing company in Bangalore



Email Marketing company in Bangalore

Email marketing has a emerged as a great platform for promoting any business, attracting customers with the help of product, services, events as well as business updates. If evaluated, it can easily be guessed that email marketing is relatively inexpensive in all the domains of online channels, a wise investment that befits and benefits all types of business.
According to a recent statistics published by a famous magazine:
Approximately 85% of consumers open companies' emails.
On an average, almost 45% of these email recipients made at least one purchase in past one year based on the promotional email they got.
It’s a true fact that email marketing is growing and it's evolving fast, but many businesses are still unsure about it, and hence have either ignore or least explored the use of email within their digital marketing strategies. If you are also one such business owner then read further to get a grip that email marketing is important.
Here we present a few reasons to explain the importance of email marketing.
Constant communication
Email works as a medium to be in constant contact with the consumers. Through email, you can contact a whole set of the database on a regular basis. This method of contacting a database on a regular basis builds a connection between the business and the client. This connection doesn't work as a single way but is a magical dual path that works as a boon for both the client as well as the business. Sending regular emails works like a bond and ultimately helps in keeping the services and products fresh in the minds of the consumer. And if the consumer is facing an issue then they can contact the business which helps in building the base of loyal customers.
Measurable results
The Email marketing systems include in itself some of the most advanced technologies such as enhanced reporting and tracking facilities. The reports obtained provides invaluable metrics that includes:
  • Open rates,
  • Deliverability,
  • Click through rates,
  • Subscriber retention
A plight with content & social media.
Integrating the email marketing analytic with website analytics is pretty easy and hence works as an added benefit. Once integrated these email can show how much they have been involved in the customer's life and in what ways it has changed the performance ratio of the company. Additionally, these reporting facilities help the businesses to understand the behavior trait of any customer and can eventually help in other domains of marketing.
Low cost
Email marketing is highly cost effective and it doesn't include any print and postage cost as well no advertising cost. The emails are so cheap that you can send one email at a mere cost of a penny per person or you can get unlimited monthly plans as well.
Return on Investment
Email marketing has outperformed many marketing channels, on an average for an investment for every 70p the average return is Rs. 100. Tracking performance of email marketing is pretty easy hence devising new plans to strengthen the marketing strategies of the company.
If after reading you realize the importance of email marketing for your business then let IndGlobal handle your worries as we are expert at email marketing and know all tips, tricks, and tools required to boost a business through email marketing. 
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Matrimony portal Development in India



Matrimonial portal development helps in creating a web portal that provides a belvedere for the individuals who are in search of Grooms/Brides. The matrimonial portal development gives an opportunity for you to unitize your outstanding matchmaking skills by helping the people who are seeking for their soul mates, the one who can be their true life partners and all these can be done by launching a new website which can be used for promoting matchmaking and matrimony.
The concept of marriage portal arose from the concepts of the dating portals. These websites gained resemblance because most people believe in lifetime togetherness in place of looking for casual dating. These type of matrimonial platforms are commonly used by people who prefer arranged marriages.
IndGlobal has emerged as the fastest growing web solution provider on the internet. Through these advanced technologies has helped people and communities around the globe in finding their perfect soul mates. The automated comparisons help in finding the perfect match from a large database containing millions of profiles, taking care of all points from compatibility to requirements of both the parties. Marriage is said to be an institution which works as the foundation for any stable society.
Being a Matrimonial portal development company in India, IndGlobal develops exceptional matrimonial solutions. By including tools that are extremely user-friendly along with the advanced features, matrimonial portals developed by us provide excellent solutions. With the growing demands of matrimonial portals, we keep in mind all the necessary points to make the experience of clients a pleasant-able one as well so that by using the advanced features they can find their better half from anywhere across the globe. The services offered by us are proficient enough that they hold the caliber of competing with any of the top marriage website development firms present in India.
Aspects of Matrimonial Portal Development :
Profile- Marriage is the most important aspect of one's life, Hence creating a profile page that is authentic as well as impressive is the first step towards a loving future with your soulmate, making it the most crucial step of the whole process. We at IndGlobal helps clients in building an impressive profile that makes them stand out from the rest.
A search of Partner- Through the search option provided in our the matrimonial portal, the quick search can be made based on some particular interests related to castes, location, age, job, physical attributes, and etc. You will as well be greeted with the advance search option.
Privacy setting – Worried about security? Then worry no more, as by utilizing the privacy setting option you can easily safeguard yourself. Safeguard your personal information from abusers and lock your photos as well so that you don't witness any unnecessary headaches.
Favorite Profiles – Through this feature, one can mark the profiles of others as their favorites as well if they have been marked as the favorite by others then receive requests from others as well make one themselves that includes horoscopes, photos, and have the authority to accept or decline the offer. 

Food Application Development



With the advancement of technology, smartphones have become an integral part of our life because of which having a smartphone app becomes essential for the progress of any business. If we take a quick sweeping glance to our surrounding then we will find that each and every person is using a mobile phone for one or the other reason. It’s the tale of past days when phone we just for calling and texting, the cellphones of present age are capable of organizing our personal as well as professional life, booking theatres, trips, meetings as well as giving the freedom of online shopping using various social media platforms, then why not getting the food as well through these amazing devices.
Technology has grown and evolved so fast that once when we used to spend our time standing in queues waiting for the cashier to help us make the payment, we found ways of self-service eventually saving ample of our precious time along with our valuable money. Now people can find apps for anything whether it be for listening to music, playing some adrenaline rushing games, reading some interesting books or watch any movie. Then why not for ordering the mouth watering, hunger ravishing delicious foods? Major food chains have realised the importance mobile ordering and have been on working on it rigorously to include it in their marketing campaigns.
Restaurants and takeaways have now started owning their unique smartphone Apps, so that the customers have the choice of either booking a table in advance, get a takeaway or order food from the comfort of their homes. This is beneficial for staff members as well, as they no longer need to wait at a table, or write down the orders, neither to pick calls nor spend time on understanding the requirements of the customers, through this way they can spend more time on preparing more of those mouth-watering delicacies and providing better services. These smartphone Apps also guarantees that the orders registered are correct making the path easier for the restaurants and hotels.
These smartphone Apps are not only a boon for the restaurants but for the customers as well. Most restaurants offer loyalty points to the customers if they use apps for ordering their meals, these reward points helps in gaining the trust of loyalty of the customers as well the customer gets some gift hampers once they have acquired enough reward points.
To come under the category of smart restaurants and takeaway provider get a unique and affordable Smartphone App today from where your customers can view the menu, choose the food from their favourites, check images along with the description, share it with their friends and then make their order according to their selection. For any business to keep growing it is vital to be updated with the latest technologies. It is not only cost effective but owning a smartphone app makes the work thousand times easier.
Hence if you think that it is high time for your restaurant to get their own customised app then let IndGlobal help you. We are a pioneer in providing customised apps for various food applications and outlets. IndGlobal is based in Bangalore but is providing its highly reliable services in multiple countries and have emerged as a renowned name in the field of food applications and many other. 
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Digital Marketing Company in Los Angeles



The technologies are rapidly upgrading and enhancing, making the businesses to look forward towards the modern methods for keeping their business always on top. They constantly keep updating their business models taking the advantage of digital ones or keep on making new marketing models using the indispensable weapon of the internet.
Truly, digital marketing is the most basic way of attracting the targeted audiences through the online platform and is the most important way of distinguishing between a failing and a thriving business. Even though you are witnessing mind blowing traffic on your website but what would be the use of such traffic until and unless you don’t boost the conversion rate.
So, what exactly is digital marketing?
We presently live in an online marketing era; because of which innumerable companies are focusing more on the internet marketing approaches and tools, to provide for various businesses proprietors a preferable method for tackling the cut-throat competitive environment of the biz world. This whole scenario makes digital marketing the most fruitful investment.
How effective is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is the stratum in the game of online marketing.
It’s the story of the past days when business personnel’s thought that Digital marketing is something that can prove to be beneficial only for the MNCs or large companies who can cope up with the online marketing campaigns.
But the truth is, digital marketing offers an equal opportunity for all businesses to hold a chance for striving against the larger companies and hence influence a share they deserve on the market.
By applying digital marketing tactics, it provides vast possibilities for the businesses that have some resources for carrying out the sales and promoting the business that was earlier available only for the large companies in the past.
Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than compared to the traditional marketing methods
For many small businesses, the resources and budget are usually low, hence digital marketing is the most desirable approach that can provide them with the most effective result in the quarter amount what was to be spent on the traditional marketing methods.
Digital marketing provides better conversion
The success of any product of service is measured on the scale based on the rate at which the traffic coming to the website gets converted to the leads. And digital marketing has proved to be the best way of turning traffic into leads.
Because if there is no conversion, then the whole traffic will be completely useless and making methods a complete waste. And these are just a few benefits specified over here of digital marketing but the truth is, the benefits are innumerable.


Hence if you think your business is losing or lacking in the support of digital marketing then take help from the best digital marketing company in Los Angeles. We are the best digital marketing service provider in the whole of Los Angeles though we are a start-up that took its first breath in the ever-growing, versatile land of India. Hence, if you think that your company is not flourishing because you haven’t let digital marketing to be your biggest support then we are here to help you out and grow.