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IndGlobal is a leading brand name in website development for quite sometime now. We have immense knowledge and experience in website development on e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites and we handle SEO, Graphic designing, ECOMMERCE, Mobile a

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We live in a world where people spend the maximum of their time on the internet and it would be wrong to say that the time that they spend online is all spent on a single website. Depending on the services offered and products provided, according to a survey, approximately 83% of customers visit the website of the service provider or the company before making the decision to avail their services and ultimately purchase it. In this cut-throat competitive market, a customer’s decision to purchase a service or product depends mostly on the type of experience they get online from the appearance, accessibility, and usability of the website of the service provider and if the experience of the website of your competitor is better than yours then be assured that you have lost some of your valuable clients to your competitors.
It is very important to know the right role of your website in enhancing the credibility and profit of your business. It is better to assume your website as your extended team of sales members; hence just in the way you can’t keep an unkempt salesperson in your team similarly you should not be keeping an unkempt website that may discourage your prospective customers as well.
According to a research, the best time to plan the rest of your branding that includes, color palette, logos, messages, etc. is none other than the time when you are working on your website. According to most business gurus in spite of having a mobile- friendly website and spending immensely to get a well- built website, the worst thing any company can do to make a customer turn away from the website is to mot have a proper design because of which the website doesn’t stand out and looks repulsive, in place of being attractive.
According to most website scholars, it is important for every company to upgrade their website in every 2 to 3 years but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make little tweaks in your website now and then. Every year little tweaks should be added to the website, such as updated pictures, new products added along with services and staffs with added information and it should be taken as a regular maintenance task. Here, we present a list of points to focus on while evaluating a website:
Whether any products or services have been added?
Is your target market still the same, i.e. your market has tightened or expanded?
Do you have a contingency plan for your competitors who are stronger than you?
What is the ranking of your products and services on various search engines?
Is your website compatible with mobiles and tablets?
Is the overall layout of the website fresh, up to date, and current?
Making small changes in your website is an easy task or it's gargantuan?
By answering these questions, you can yourself decide whether you need a new website or not.
With the arrival of Responsive Website Design (RWD) almost a year back, brought a complete revolution in the world of website designing. RWD brought with it the option of automatically resizing and reconfiguration of the layout of the website based on the device being used to view the website. This gave the freedom of comfort as irrespective of the device, whether tablets, laptops or cell phones are being used for viewing be confident that the consumer is viewing the right version. This freedom brought a gift with itself, the gift of not maintaining two different websites, one of the desktop version and other being the mobile version because of which money, as well as time, has been saved.
If you still own a website that is not responsive in nature that it is important for you to be aware of the downside as well because it’s a proved and verified fact that in last one year the traffic to websites has increased to 78% through mobile devices.
Another integrant, though not as new as RWD is Content Management System Websites (CMS). These types of websites use platforms that give the permission of making changes to the websites without using any software, all that is required is an internet browser. This feature has made it really easy to keep the website up to date as well fresh as new with all the current information.
Hence, it completely depends on you to decide that what kind of website you need, i.e. is an RWD website or CMS website.
The Internet currently holds approximately 650 million websites, and almost 51 million websites are added every year to it, making it a platform of cut-throat competition. There may exist many ways to make your website stand out and that too in an aesthetic way, but one way to make your website actually stand out is getting found on the very first page of Google as it works as a crucial factor for online conversions.
A way to get your site on the first page of Google is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). IndGlobal provides you with SEO services as well and makes sure that your website is found on the first page of Google search results.
Owning a business card has always been important but nowadays website has become the synonym of the business card of your company.

If by now you have understood the importance of owning a website then surely the next worry crashing like a landslide on you would be how to get such esthetic website then the name of your solution is IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions which is a start-up based in India but has spread its wings to the continent of the mighty America
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The past years have witnessed the rise of technology and with this technology raised the importance of mobile phones. Unlike early times, phones are no longer left in a corner of the house but they accompany us everywhere. In fact, in recent years mobile phones have emerged from being a simple utility tool to a hyper operative tool, that has come as our savior in protecting us from boredom to advertising and promoting our businesses anytime, anywhere. The easy reach and extreme love for mobile phones brought it to the main focus of the present IT companies. The present world is moving fastly towards a complete digitized world where more and more people are opting for advanced technologies such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to make their life fun and safer. The increasing passion towards mobile phones and tablets has gained the attention of various telecom operators, because of which they have started working in coordination with the different mobile companies to bring better as well as advanced astute interface along with the higher speed internet for the comfort of the consumers and so that they can enjoy the services at an extraordinary level. Past few years have witnessed the evolution in the fields of utility and productivity tools, games, data-editing apps, and much more, bringing all forms of information just a click away, connecting your work and world in a single thread and all this has become possible just because of smartphones. Especially in a country like Mauritius which is known for its tourist spots across the globe, mobile apps can prove to be the biggest boon.
Let’s take a glance at all possible advantages you can achieve by possessing a mobile app for your business:
  • Whether it might be a small company or a big firm, mobile apps have shown their importance by bringing remarkable growth in all businesses, as well as by enhancing the quality of the customer services.
  • Communication with customers has become much easier.
  • Even though most companies possess websites and have better and advanced responsive websites still there is no point in missing out on the mobile audiences.
  • Mobile applications work as a leverage while having access on-demand pieces of information as well solutions to all problems. B2B and B2C apps are having almost equal exaction on the present market.
  • Some companies are even planning on introducing native apps that are completely customized according to the core business requirements. The sole purpose of these apps is to form a bridge between different teams and segment of the company. Though there is a high probability that these apps might not be available for public use but within an organization, these apps hold great importance.
  • Use of mobile apps in industries like ticketing sites, Banks and Financial institutions, Hotels and Restaurants, Hotels and travel companies, etc. have timely proven how important and beneficial mobile apps can be by bringing a hike in the business.


These apps take you to a greater level of completion with the confidence of conquering it.


With more companies indulging in mobile applications in order to promote their businesses, the demand for mobile apps has grown to a newer extent and is still growing with no stopping in near sight.


Still, if you are worrying how to get a mobile app for your company the flush out you\r worries and approach IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions which is an India based start-up and has spread its wings to Mauritius as well. From designing apps on all platforms from scratch to upgrading the apps, be assured that at IndGlobals you will be provided with all possible assistance and solution as for IndGlobals, customers satisfaction is the foremost motto.

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When it comes to businesses, like many you may as well be asking the same question, the question that whether owning a website is a good idea and if you already have a website then why to spend even more bucks in upgrading it? There are many questions that bug the mind of a businessperson. Some of the most frequent questions to make a place in this list include:
  • What is the use of a website?
  • Will it really increase the traffic and sales of my company?
  • Even if the design of my present website is outdated, but will it make any difference in the credibility of the company?
  • Does the design of the company affect the competition?
  • If a website affects the business then how?
  • Can a mere superficial thing as a website really enhance or hamper the profit of a business?


Even if you reluctantly agree to seek the help of a website designing firm, still your skepticism doesn’t let believe that it will be of much help for your business. But if you own a company and that too in the beautiful country of Mauritius, remember that your website can prove to be the lifeline of your business. However, skeptic you be, there exists a plethora of studies and researches to prove that for any business its website plays a vital role in generating better traffic and sales, as an enhanced interface increasing the conversion-generating new businesses at an exponential pace. There exist ample reasons to showcase that a well-designed website attracts ideal customers and precise inter-locution with your company.
After reading these entire, if you have also started looking for a website design company in Mauritius, then look no more as IndGlobal is India and Mauritius-based website designing company that provides you with a complete solution to all your web based problems. Here we present to you five highlights of IndGlobal and how the developers there help your company out.
Probably one of the most prominent features of a website is its navigation. It is correctly said that the navigation feature of any website is responsible for making or breaking a website, and is truer for robust websites containing multiple pages. Typically, the navigation of a website is formulated with a list of labels or navigation bars, making navigation smoother. Usually, it has been noticed that many website designing companies get so lost in making the website appear fancy and get carried away with designs and fancy typefaces. But at IndGlobal we make sure that your website is not only appealing but so simple to navigate and understand that even your grandmother can easily understand it.
Brand Consistency
If your company owns any logo and logo is utilized frequently in all print materials, such as pamphlets, business cards, letterheads, etc., then it is important that the same logo is to be carried on to your website as well, so that your clients can easily recognize you in all forms of communication, if that is not the case then there is a high probability that you may lose the trust of your loyal customers.
When it comes to a website, SEO should never be ignored. It has been noticed that placing important information in upper left-hand column improves the search engine optimization (SEO). This is one such example to improve SEO of your website, SEO team at IndGlobal knows many tips and tricks to improve the SEO of any website.
A website is incomplete without its contents because basically, it’s the content that literally communicates with the visitors on behalf of your company and about your ideologies. It is very important that the content written is short and to the point, yet welcoming and warm to not bore the visitors and so that the reader can remember the message being sent easily. The other reason for the content to be short and effective is that too much content on a single page make the page appear clumpy. Here at IndGlobal, we make sure of all such points keeping in mind that the content of your website is 100 percent unique.
Faith or trust is the base of any business to reach the stars. But it is also true that the trust cannot be built in a day or two and for building trust, the first thing a company needs to do is understand their customers and know what the value the most. We design a website that is so welcoming and trustworthy for your visitors, which automatically gets reflected through the increase in traffic and lead conversion increase of your website.


These were just a few fun tips to know how IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions helps in enhancing your business along with its websites. So if you are still looking for a website designing company in Mauritius then look no more and contacts IndGlobal today to get all solutions to your at one place.
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We are a young and creative website design company team in Bangalore with a desire to thrive. All you need is that you have a penchant for designing a website for your business promotion, marketing and advertising on the World Wide Web or the Internet. We combine business and experience to develop amazing solutions for the web, multimedia and advertising. We believe that close collusion is the support for an exceptional outcome. We are very passionate about our work. We as website designers are placed in the heart of the city of Bangalore, in the district of Karnataka, India. We develop a customized solution that will start your organization now and in the imminent. Our highly skilled team of dedicated designers and developers work to understand the action that makes your organization unique. However, when it comes to web technologies, first-class technology components are not as extensive as the art of using such technology for the implementation of the required functionality. 
Beginning with content audits when we evaluate your needs and requirements for competitive analysis marking opportunities, we conspire each step of the process. We are a team that builds products for our customers. The changes between making a project and a product is not just that of the definition is to see further, to look for competitive assets for our clients through the innovative use of technology; And to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity. Web application development takes your web presence to a new level, providing interactive means to not only grab your customers or automate business processes, but expand your business in countless ways that can only be finite by your imagination. Our main responsibility is to deliver the maximum value to our customers around the world. Indglobal specializes in open source technologies. 
Having experience in both proprietary technologies and open source technologies, we understand their competence and the quality of each of them in the market. The work experience has guided us about the pattern of the industry, the requirements of the customers, the desired quality of work and much more. In our business we influence to use everything we have learned and that is what makes us Experts in what we do. We are highly experienced in Java and relevant technologies, but we recommend PHP over Java for most of our web development activities. At Indglobal, when it comes to the Internet and Web Technologies, we believe that we can do everything that is technically possible.
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Indglobal a best website designers in Bangalore and the best web developer in Bangalore, we are award winning web design and digital marketing company in Bangalore established in 2008 as a small website design and development company in Bangalore With the introduction of Internet And being accessible to each Individual has played a pivotal role in changing the face of businesses and now we are the leaders in website design and development field, and complete years in the web design industry providing perfect services in Web design, website design and development, ecommerce website development, mobile application development and even the latest development of classified sites with our web development competitors in Bangalore.
From past decades they have witnessed a complete revolution in the field of learning as well as business; In fact, there are no aspects of life left unaffected by this revolution. The name of this revolution is the digitization and merit of this revolution goes to the internet. With our expertise in website development, e-commerce solutions and mobile applications however claim that it can be your project, our website designers in Bangalore can convey on time and within your budget. Without spending a huge bundle of money you can make your business turn global and the easiest way to do it is by taking your business online. We provide quality, stable and value-added services to all our customers so they can focus on their business needs and be convinced that a committed team is working for them. The easiest approach to taking your business online is by setting up a website so that everyone can reach all parts of the world and especially if you are staying in a country like Nepal which is still classified as underdeveloped country, Starting to look through your head, but remember that online business will work as a crucial point in your success. We have built a company based on customer delight, transparency and professionalism.


Our team of Web Design consultants will design the right website for your brand with fantastic website designs based on increasing your existing brand identity and thus giving your company a fresh look. The biggest benefit of having a website for business is that it will no longer be a local store accessible only by the local crowd; In fact, you can take your business to other countries as well without actually being there. Our custom website design not only impresses and excites but makes it attractive as well as easy for your potential customers to browse. We are a team of international designers. We are different and our designs are also unique. As a Bangalore basedweb development company, we can ensure 100% satisfaction and good quality websites to our clients.
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In present era, customers have all the information's accessible at all times and at all places. The sole credit for this freedom of information goes to internet and globalization because of which most people on this globe are able to access any information with just a few clicks on laptops, mobile phones, tablets and computers. For every business owner, it is important for all business owners to understand that the image of their companies can easily be influenced, for example by using different social media platforms, as well it is entirely true a customers feedback can work miracles in building the reputation and trustworthiness of the company compared to the one given by the company on their own.
But what is the importance and benefits of Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a way of promoting your business or products through electronic media and is completely different from traditional marketing. The biggest benefit of Digital Marketing is that since it uses electronic media it reaches all section of the crowd attracting the attention of all potential customers from every section of society from across the globe. Through electronic channels and by posting positive feedback's or comments regarding your company helps build loyal customers as well it helps in gaining the trust of all.
But Be Cautious!
Digital Marketing works in both ways. It can bring a good name and fame to your company if handled correctly but if not, then a negative feedback can easily dampen the prestige of your company. Electronic media is accessible by all, hence it is important for the business owners tohat they make customer satisfaction their main focus. An unhappy customer can bring defame to your firm.
To let you company grow rapidly follows these quick steps and you are all ready to go:
Encourage espousal through digital media: 
The easiest way of acquiring new clients is through electronic media, example; social media channels. But when you plan on doing so, divide your clients in different sections based on their interests. It will simplify the communication with the customers.


More the likes, the better it is!
Social Media, being a part of Digital Marketing has always been underestimated. But it’s a big mistake to make as the “Twitter” shares or your “Facebook” likes helps in the growth of your company as well build the trust and credibility in the audience. The added benefit associated with social media is that it brings traffic without spending a single penny. All you need to do is insert a Social Media plugin onto the site and keep updating regularly, so that your customers gets update related to your company whether be news, discounts or any random stuff. Keep a track of the frequency of updates so that it doesn’t becomes overbearing for the clients. The outcome will certainly astound you.


Be a step ahead of your competitors:
According to a survey, every year more and more companies are adopting Digital Marketing and giving up on traditional advertising tactics. More companies are now focusing on Google Adwords, SEO, or Social Media by spending huge amount on these resources. This has become the main reason for the cut-throat competition of today’s market. Use Google Alerts tool for monitoring the competitors, so that you can always be ready for all circumstances. This tool helps in tracking the marketing strategies and products of your competitors so that you can learn your flaws and improve your strategy.




If you are confused that how you will do these things on your own then dump your worries down the drain as we at IndGlobal has brought a complete solution to your problems. From SEO to adverts, the Digital Marketing team at IndGlobal will handle all your troubles so that you can relish the fruit of success with shedding a sweat.
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E-commerce has risen as the most vital tool for any business in recent years and if your business is located in Nepal than be certain that for your company e-commerce is like the air for its survival, hence if you are looking for an e-commerce website design company in Nepal than this article can be your savior.
E-Commerce is the abbreviation used for the Electronic Commerce which is basically an exchange of the information between businesses using Electronic Data Interchange methodology (EDI) as well as technologies related to the Internet in place of using paper-based methods. The most prominent feature of the internet that has risen in recent years is none other than E-Commerce. The process of conducting businesses through the internet using various networks in termed as e-commerce. There are many things that can be accomplished through e-commerce, such as, downloading and selling of software, business-to-business, abbreviated as B2B transactions, online stocks, documents, music, graphics and much more.
The pattern of business across the globe has revolutionized because of digital communication. The biggest benefit of E-Commerce is that you can do your business globally without even opening a single brick and mortar building. It helps the end users as well in understanding the services offered by an organization and the paperless, timeless and on demand, transaction helps both service providers and end users.
In common terms, if explained, e-commerce is nothing but using the Internet to do business in faster and better way, so that one can communicate with a company’s computer system without any intervention of human’s. E-commerce is all about providing some limited access to computer systems to your customers so that they can surf based on their demands.
E-commerce is the biggest accomplishments of the internet as it has created a whole marketplace in the virtual world making buying and selling of goods and services easier. In fact, today e-commerce is ranked as the hugest industry compared to all. Let’s take a quick look at all the benefits of offered by e-commerce:
  • Paperless industry means low cost as no amount wasted in pens, inks, papers and other stationeries.
  • Retrieval of data is much easier and faster.
  • Faster retrieval of data means better management system.
  • Better management within a single organization because of a single central database as well as across different organizations since the exchange of data and transactions from supplier to customer is much smoother.
  • Since it covers more customers across the globe, hence the business strategies work in a much better way.
  • With the option of adding multiple images, various product categories along with advanced category option like size, version, color, etc. adding unlimited products become easier.
  • Stock control system- a boon: The built-in control systems for stock gives the option of adding levels for each product, son that keeping track of stocking becomes extremely easy Etc.
How can we help you?


By now you would be certain that e-commerce is the oxygen for any company. We at IndGlobal have teams of well experienced and highly skilled developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEO experts who will fight with Blood and Sweat to make your company a success and provide all solutions and support needed by your company to emerge as a trademark in the e-commerce industry.