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IndGlobal is a leading brand name in website development for quite sometime now. We have immense knowledge and experience in website development on e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites and we handle SEO, Graphic designing, ECOMMERCE, Mobile a

Web portal development services


Indglobal provides web portal development services for the clients by using the latest technology and innovation.web portal development has quickly picked up name because of different services that it provides. A web portal really is a site that goes about as a state of access to data in the internet. Data from differing sources is appeared in a unified and simple way. Aside from the standard feature of a web search engine a web portal offer numerous different services, for example, email, news, stock values, databases and entertainment. web portals give way to big business to have a continuous look and feel with access to control numerous applications and databases.

We have expertise in different kinds of web portals like
personal web portals
For an individual the personal web portal creates a single electronic point of contact for any person wishing to interact with him.the main benefit of having a personal web portal is accuracy of information and security.the content can be presented on multiple platforms like pc’s and mobile phones.

government web portals
As the internet is evolving government agencies are searching better ways to serve their citizens more effectively. Web portals help citizens to obtain information,apply for services and complete transactions more quickly.

cultural portals
Cultural portals are the digitised collection of galleries,archives and libraries.digitised collections includes photography,artwork,music and a descriptive meta data associated with each type of cultural work.

corporate web portals
The corporate web portal is the only way you can come in contact with the object will determine the success of your goods and services and more importantly the satisfaction of your users because users can do most of their activities online without visiting the branch of the company.

stock portals
Stock portals are also known as stock share portals that helps to inform the shareholders with the substantial information such as latest price,bids,reports and announcements.some portals use online gateways for the visitors to buy and sell their shares online.

property search portals
Property search portals make your property get listed among the millions of potential buyers and sellers around the world.these portals have become the prominent online source to increase your online business.these portals are stuffed with various features like posting requirements,images and videos.
tender portals
These portals are the gateway for government suppliers to bid on providing goods and services.using online tendering bidders can receive notification of tenders,receive tenders documents online,fill out forms online and submit proposals online.

hosted web portals and domain specific portals


Hosted web portals gained the popularity nowadays and the companies began offering them as a hosted service.we have enough expertise to provide these service at an affordable costs.
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