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We live in a world where people spend the maximum of their time on the internet and it would be wrong to say that the time that they spend online is all spent on a single website. Depending on the services offered and products provided, according to a survey, approximately 83% of customers visit the website of the service provider or the company before making the decision to avail their services and ultimately purchase it. In this cut-throat competitive market, a customer’s decision to purchase a service or product depends mostly on the type of experience they get online from the appearance, accessibility, and usability of the website of the service provider and if the experience of the website of your competitor is better than yours then be assured that you have lost some of your valuable clients to your competitors.
It is very important to know the right role of your website in enhancing the credibility and profit of your business. It is better to assume your website as your extended team of sales members; hence just in the way you can’t keep an unkempt salesperson in your team similarly you should not be keeping an unkempt website that may discourage your prospective customers as well.
According to a research, the best time to plan the rest of your branding that includes, color palette, logos, messages, etc. is none other than the time when you are working on your website. According to most business gurus in spite of having a mobile- friendly website and spending immensely to get a well- built website, the worst thing any company can do to make a customer turn away from the website is to mot have a proper design because of which the website doesn’t stand out and looks repulsive, in place of being attractive.
According to most website scholars, it is important for every company to upgrade their website in every 2 to 3 years but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make little tweaks in your website now and then. Every year little tweaks should be added to the website, such as updated pictures, new products added along with services and staffs with added information and it should be taken as a regular maintenance task. Here, we present a list of points to focus on while evaluating a website:
Whether any products or services have been added?
Is your target market still the same, i.e. your market has tightened or expanded?
Do you have a contingency plan for your competitors who are stronger than you?
What is the ranking of your products and services on various search engines?
Is your website compatible with mobiles and tablets?
Is the overall layout of the website fresh, up to date, and current?
Making small changes in your website is an easy task or it's gargantuan?
By answering these questions, you can yourself decide whether you need a new website or not.
With the arrival of Responsive Website Design (RWD) almost a year back, brought a complete revolution in the world of website designing. RWD brought with it the option of automatically resizing and reconfiguration of the layout of the website based on the device being used to view the website. This gave the freedom of comfort as irrespective of the device, whether tablets, laptops or cell phones are being used for viewing be confident that the consumer is viewing the right version. This freedom brought a gift with itself, the gift of not maintaining two different websites, one of the desktop version and other being the mobile version because of which money, as well as time, has been saved.
If you still own a website that is not responsive in nature that it is important for you to be aware of the downside as well because it’s a proved and verified fact that in last one year the traffic to websites has increased to 78% through mobile devices.
Another integrant, though not as new as RWD is Content Management System Websites (CMS). These types of websites use platforms that give the permission of making changes to the websites without using any software, all that is required is an internet browser. This feature has made it really easy to keep the website up to date as well fresh as new with all the current information.
Hence, it completely depends on you to decide that what kind of website you need, i.e. is an RWD website or CMS website.
The Internet currently holds approximately 650 million websites, and almost 51 million websites are added every year to it, making it a platform of cut-throat competition. There may exist many ways to make your website stand out and that too in an aesthetic way, but one way to make your website actually stand out is getting found on the very first page of Google as it works as a crucial factor for online conversions.
A way to get your site on the first page of Google is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). IndGlobal provides you with SEO services as well and makes sure that your website is found on the first page of Google search results.
Owning a business card has always been important but nowadays website has become the synonym of the business card of your company.

If by now you have understood the importance of owning a website then surely the next worry crashing like a landslide on you would be how to get such esthetic website then the name of your solution is IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions which is a start-up based in India but has spread its wings to the continent of the mighty America
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