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Mobile app development in Qatar



With the fast moving life where no one has time for anything, Mobile Applications and usage of Cell Phones have risen rapidly and have become a crucial and faddish in each day life. With the advancement of mobile phones and by reaching into the hands of each individual, has brought a complete turn in the world of communication as well as businesses. Mobile phones are no longer a tool which is solely used for calling and messaging purposes. With the introduction of smartphones, people have started using their phones for various purposes, such as for chatting, reading, listening music, social networking, education, fitness, videos, surfing, gaming, etc. with the base still being linked to communicating. Because of all these features, mobile app development has become a big source of jobs as well as revenue generation.
In the present time, smartphones have become a prerequisite for any business to gain success and popularity as well for the marketing purposes. The reason behind this necessitous is that it has proved to be the fastest and most effective way for the growth of a business and for brand promotions. Mobile apps have provided an authentic way to millions of business owners to advertise and expose their products and brands to millions of people across the globe and hence ultimately increase the customer base for a relatively shorter duration and with just a onetime investment, especially when compared to the companies that still rely on traditional methods.
There exist many research reports to prove the importance of Mobile Applications. The first report that brought a stir in the biz world came with the reports of Statista, according to which, by the time we reach the year 2020, the number of mobile apps download will reach to number 300 billion, which presently is almost 2.52 billion. Whereas, the report further says that the business of mobile app development in Qatar will reach 101 billion U.S dollars by the year 2020, from present 41.1 billion U.S. dollars. Similarly, another survey conducted by StatCounter shows that the web visits generated by the mobile web browsers were 47 percent of whole web visits in the year 2016. These statistics speaks for themselves that how fast cell phones has taken over our lives and has emerged as a dire need for both common public and business owners.
The popularity of mobile apps among all age group and miraculous statistics of downloads with the high graph of app revenues have started a race among all entrepreneurs and business owners to get an app customized just for them and hence help them stand-out from the crowd. Especially in a country like Qatar, most business owners outsource the Apps design to various mobile App development companies in Qatar or they will hire some of the developers from these Mobile App development companies in Qatar.
Presently, Google Play Store alone accommodates approximately 2.2 million apps, whereas, Apple holds 2 million apps, as recorded in the month of June 2016.
These statistics in itself, are evident that how important it is for business owners to own an app designed for their companies. The business owners get customized Mobile apps to boost and enhance the customer’s base, as well as for promoting and expanding their biz on the global platform. Mobile Apps have proved to be the best tool when it comes to exposing a brand internationally, as these apps remain visible on the screen of the cell phones. Suppose, if a user is searching for a similar app that of yours then there resides a high probability to stumble over yours and actually notices it. These apps help in building the loyal community of your customers and attract their attention from time to time because of which the revenues of your company keep increasing always. For customers also, these apps work as a boon as they can chat and solve all their queries along with getting properly informed about various sales and promotional offers.
These Smartphone apps have proved their worth in increasing the productivity of an organization by enhancing and developing proper relations between inter-departments through communication, cooperation, and synergy.


So, if you are also looking for a mobile app development company in Qatar then stop now and take a deep breath of relief as you can hand over all your worries to us. We, at IndGlobal, will take care of all your requirements by providing you with the dream app designed specifically for your company, an app that you always dreamt of.
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