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In recent years, the way of shopping has changed drastically. Before buying any product or even before talking to any salesperson, buyer’s conduct an extensive research over the internet. Apart from the process of decision-making, buyers are even making direct purchases online and through smartphones, not stepping foot once into the traditional brick-and-mortar locations.
According to various e-Marketers, in last one decade, e-commerce sales have risen from 16.4% to 262.3 billion dollars and by 2020, this rise can be estimated to the level of 440 billion dollars.
A brick and mortar store is just like capturing a piece of the pie, by adapting according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Because of all these reasons, the shoppers are more than happy to do the complete research and then the shopping online itself but as long as the constraints on online shopping are subverted, likely, the cost of shipping, security risks, etc. The main reason for increasing interest in online shopping is the increasing competition and lack of time. Many people don’t like wandering for hours, searching for the thing they need, when they can spend the same time doing something productive, whereas online shopping of doing customized search, saves a lot of our valuable time.
Online shopping is not constrained to the confines of any house but wherever a person has a net connection, whether Wi-Fi of mobile networks, they can make the purchase. On an average, it has been noticed that approximately sixty-five percent of smartphone users in past six months have been using their phones to make an online purchase.
Setting your shop online is much affordable as well as manageable then as compared to setting up a brick-and-mortar place. With multiple vendors and distributors, services included, makes the payment options easier and quicker providing risk-free security along with vast inventory and a wide range of choices.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits offered through Online Shopping
E-commerce increases your reach. Owning an online store no longer limits your customers and profits as the customers are not bound to visit the store physically. Geographical barriers no longer exist for you, as you can sell your products even across the borders without any restrictions.
Online stores are open 24/7, giving shoppers the convenience of shopping according to their comfort and requirement particularly in the cases when retail shops are traditionally not open.
By reducing the calls related to stock availability, timing to operate, etc are a few ways through which e-commerce save up the time of both retailers as well as the shopper.
The biggest benefit offered by e-commerce is the real-time data and analytics that is produced. Through these data and analytics formed in real time environment helps the owner to see the ways through which people interact with the e-commerce website, what are the products that interest most of the people, what has been added and left in the cart and what is the average purchase made. These are some of the valuable metrics that can help the company owner to make adjustments to meet the customer’s requirements.
What are the points to consider while building your e-commerce?
If you have decided to join the league then make sure that you create it by focusing on the user and their experiences. The information and details provided of the product should be clear and presented in a concise manner. This information helps the users in deciding whether they want this product or not as based on this info, they make their decisions since they are not able to touch or feel the product at the time of buying the product.
Understand the importance of reviews and trust seals. Before making a purchase, most of the shoppers check the reviews which highly influence their decision of making the purchase.
The information should be clear as well try to avoid surprises at all possible cost. Shoppers usually ditch their cart if they are visited by additional unexpected shipping costs.
Along with guest checkout, take proper care of security as well. If the user is forced to create a new user account, even if they don’t want to or if they are concerned about the security options then be certain that they will ditch the cart in the middle.


These are some of the ways through which you can enhance your experience and business online. But to get started, if you are looking for an e-commerce designing company in Qatar then IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions is what you are looking for. IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions helps you in all possible ways and provides the complete support and services under a single roof.
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