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Mobile app development in UAE



When it comes to mobile apps, people, especially owners of small companies or start-ups have formed and been living a myth that these mobile apps are needed and plays a crucial role just for the bigger companies, such as Walmart, and Airtel, etc. It is high time that we should break these myths and realize the importance of owning a mobile app specifically designed for your business. It is time to remove the blindfolds and see where the world is trending to. Once these blindfolds are gone, you will realize that more and more medium and small sized companies have started following the mobile apps trend and have understood how effective mobile strategies can be compared to mobile-friendly websites.
In fact, there are many small businesses with whom we interact on daily bases, such as the grocery store down the lane or the beauty spa that you love going to, own a mobile app specially designed for their business. You shouldn’t be surprised with their turnover and revenues as these companies are much ahead in the game of marketing and have taken their marketing strategies on an all new next level.
If you are still doubtful with the decision that whether your company needs a mobile app customized just according to its requirements, then allow us to help you in making this decision. Here we present you with top seven benefits that explain the importance of mobile apps and will make the sail smoother and the path to take sooner than later.
Be Visible to your Customers 24/7-
Various statistics have shown that a resident of UAE spends more than three hours per day on their cell phones and mobiles. Though it is acceptable that they must be spending most of their time on just a handful of apps but even for accessing these handfuls of apps, the person needs to unlock the phone and scroll through the list of apps to get to the desired one. So, if your app is lying in the way, then it surely can work for the advantage of your company, as our mind has a habit of unconsciously records every text or images it sees on its way.

Creating a Channel for Direct Marketing Channel-
There exist many functions that an app serves, such as, providing the general information, search features, user accounts, booking forms, news feeds, messengers, etc.
One of the biggest advantages of owning a mobile app is that you can easily provide all information to your customers likely, sales and promotion offer, etc. and for the customers, it will all be just at their fingertips. The push notifications help you in getting closer and forming a direct linking to your customers.
Providing added Value to Customers
Loyalty programs are becoming a rising trend now. Through these loyalty programs, the customers can themselves collect rewards means more downloads of your app and more popularity.


Building Brand Name and Earning Recognition
Mobile apps play a vital role in contribution towards the brand awareness. Let’s see each at a time.
Brand: A mobile app is just like a completely blank billboard that you can use as you wish. You can make it hip, stylish, shocking, informative or functional. But the right thing to do is create apps with the features that all customers will love and simultaneously have a design that can make people’s heart skip a beat with its beauty.
Recognition: The more your customers will be involved with the app the higher will be the chances of purchasing the product or services.


Enhance your Customer Engagement
Irrespective of the type of business you are running, your customers need a way to reach you. Whether it’s a help desk or a messenger can make it really easy for your customers to communicate with you.


Be different and stand out from the rest-
Even after so much of digitalization and advancement, mobile apps are still rare in the community of small businesses. So if you want to take a huge leap over your competitors and want to get completely astonished with the overwhelming response then get your android app today.

But if you are still thinking to get your app from which place then contact IndGlobal Consultancy Solutions providing mobile app development in UAE and you won’t be facing even a single issue as all the problems and requirements would solely and completely be handled by us.
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