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Magento development in India


It is not for no reason, some CMS platform emerges as superior when compared to others. The rising popularity and growing demand of Magento have made it one of the best e-commerce platforms in the industry. Unlike other general CMS platforms, Magento was created as a true e-commerce platform. As it is made exclusively for e-commerce, it has some essential features like a dashboard, advanced supplier and shipping management, built-in cross seeking capabilities and more.
Custom Magneto e-commerce development
Indglobal has a proven track record of providing services on Magento development in India. we have a skilful team that has the expertise in the industry to offer large scale Magento services.
We help you create a Magento online e-commerce website for you, whatever be your niche, we are here to help you. Our team will create a store that features fast navigation, easy to use the payment gateway and a lot more.
Some of the interesting features of Magento
Easy integration
Not all CMS platforms can handle everything within the system, some things need to be get done with the help of other applications or plug-ins. However, Magento has the advantage of having the flexibility to get integrated with other plug-ins or apps from different developers. Magento has an API that can be easily connected with other apps like payment gateways, analytics, shipping apps etc.
Easy customizability
Ability to customize is one of the major features every CMS system should possess. Magento gives the flexibility to customize things according to various industry needs. As it is an app made for e-commerce, it is highly modular and can be customized to any degree.
SEO friendly
Magento is an SEO friendly e-commerce platform and it offers meta descriptions and various other data for each product. Magento’s source code is in such a manner that it offers a search engine friendly solution for its users.
Some of the services we provide are:
  • Magento website development- Set up and installation
  • Custom e-commerce Magento development
  • Building responsible Magento website
  • Magento module and theme development
  • Magento hosting and server configuration
  • Magento e-commerce store development
  • Magento shopping cart development
  • Magento store management services and maintenance




Our valid experience in the field of Magento development will help to offer unique e-commerce solutions for your business. Our experienced team of developers is accustomed to the requirements and challenges that various e-commerce website face, hence we will be able to help you offer the exact solution you require. 
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