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ERP software for industries


IndGlobal is a smart and leading ERP solution provider that designs ERP software for industries ranging from micro and large businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. We make software that enables you to quickly shift off from the traditional manual process to a full integration business solution. Our ERP software is a game-changing one that is uniquely crafted to meet the specific requirements of the small, medium and large business. We build close based ERP solution that is developed on latest platform and provides an efficient and mobile web interface. 
Our highly configurable cloud ERP software for industries offers a wide range of functionality across several business processes including, finance, and accounting, purchase, sales, quality control, CRM, production and inventory management. In addition to IndGlobal models, we offer other modules that come integrated along with it.
There are several advantages of implementing an ERP software solution for your business. ERP software helps in improving the productivity, decrease costs, increase efficiency and helps to streamline business processes. Some of the other benefits are:
ERP software for industries eliminates some repetitive process and helps in reducing the need for manually information entry. The ERP software will also simplify your processes and it increases the efficiency for businesses to collect information regardless of the department. 
The major advantage of having ERP software for your business is the complete integration of each department. No business wants to run a company where each department function separately from each other. Collaboration between each department is critical for proper functioning of any business. When ERP software unifies all data, the business system becomes more consistency and centralized and thereby naturally encouraging interdepartmental efficiency.
Structured ERP systems let you add a new function or users to grow the already implemented solution with time. If your company expands in terms of business and resources, the ERP software must be capable of supporting that growth. 
The ERP software for industries gives your team members especially the managers to develop more accurate forecasts. Since the information in ERP is accurate to the core, companies do achieve more accurate estimates with the software.
Having ERP software for industries is all about increasing your profit. It is primarily because the central function of ERP software is finance management. It allows processes to function on a single network and function as a powerful real-time decision-making tool. It rules out the need of cross-checking as everything is taken care quickly and promptly. With efficient financial solutions, any other additional accounting software is required. 
Better customer service
Customer service is another great part of any ERP software for industries. As the software formulates a single place to integrate everything including service, marketing, sales and other vital areas, it provides a seamless transaction. ERP also lets you track your customer’s activities like spending, buying, their needs, shopping history etc. The software is efficient enough to track all your customer trends and enhance customer service.
Cloud-based hosting 
There are ERP software for industries that offer cloud-based hosting choices. Cloud-related hosting allows you to store your business data in a safe and secure location that is away from hard drivers and less secure servers. It gives your business a place to access your data in real time from any given location. This is particularly useful for small business that looks forward to expanding. Businesses look to use ERP software for their activities can DE clutter servers and save money on subscription fees for physical storage.
High productivity
With many benefits of ERP software for industries, increased productivity tops the list. For each level of the business, smooth access to each department to prevent delays. All the advantages lead to high-speed data transfer prevent unwanted delays in information retrieval and it also permits creating a great work environment for your employees. Improved productivity is a reality with ERP software services and it leads to a brighter and profitable business future.
We possess a very skilled IT and tech professional and consultants who work diligently to understand the varying requirements of our clients and come up with the best ERP solutions. As a top provider of ERP software for industries across Bangalore, we take pride in offering the best ERP related solutions which is a hot selling staple across the country. All our ERP software is well configured and tested and it makes us the preferred choice among businesses.
Top benefits of our ERP software
Business benefits
IndGlobal provides the best ERP software for industries that helps to grow user roles and profiles inside your company. Our software has online and offline sync for storage purpose and smooth access to information. Unlimited workflow options that can be defined and customized are the top benefit. We have introduced a new structure that strengthens the existing hierarchy. 
Functional benefits
Our software provides various functional benefits for your business like easy and efficient integration for various business modules and process. We offer customized and tailor-made practices of international standards suitable for each industry. 
Technical benefits
When it comes to technical benefits of our software, real-time data flow and easy access are the top features. It enables your business to make decisions, monitor and convey them on the go. Our software solution is easy to uses and contains user-specific dashboards.
Indglobal’s ERP software for industries gives great functionality over all areas of your business including inventory management and payroll. Inventory management is all about specifying the size and placement of already stocked goods. It is required at various locations within a supply network to protect the normal course of production. Our software helps you to balance the leads to optimize inventory levels and trains your business to react to a wide environment. 
Indglobal’s ERP software for industries is GST friendly and allows you to migrate to the world of GST seamlessly. With our software, you can leverage by implementing different functionalities as per your business strategy and the availability of employees. It is all on a single platform to manage all your complex business operation. Team up with Indglobal today to simplify your processes and make it seamless.
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